Akira Terui, Ph. D.

contact: hanabi0111[at]gmail.com

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher studying freshwater ecosystems (especially streams). I use theoretical and empirical approaches to address basic ecological questions and to better manage ecosystems. My research interests span across a wide range of taxa (mussel, fish, arthropod, bird, plant), but are all tied together by a common thread in which to tackle the causes and consequences of spatial ecological interactions, such as  dispersal.
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Key topics

  • Cross-continental synthesis of freshwater biodiversity
  • Metapopulation dynamics in branching river networks
  • Dispersal
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • Hierarchical Bayesian model


2017.4 – University of Minnesota (Postdoc)
2014.4 – 2017.3 Hokkaido University (Postdoc)
2009.4 – 2014.3 University of Tokyo (Ph.D.)
2005.4 – 2009.3 Tohoku University (B.S.)

Societies I’m a member of

Freshwater Science
Ecological Society of Japan